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About Me...

Hello all,

My name is Diana and I have a love for all things animal. I've attained a Level 3 qualification in Animal Care and Management at Capel Manor College and recently completed and acquired a qualification in Professional Pet Sitting Practices.

I have always had a love for animals. They give us so much and to care for them in return is the least we can do for the way they enrich our lives. While growing up we had three cats; a chilled out black and white cat called Sam, he was a big boy! A ginger stud of a cat called Ziggy and a beautiful black cat called Pazzo, who truly was my soul mate. A grey Netherland Dwarf called Holly, a kind and peaceful little guy who would jump on my back in the garden and chill. (Yes I got the inspiration for the name from Watership Down!) and goldfish; Goldie and Bob, who I trained to swim through a little hoop! I’ve loved having the opportunity to look after all of them and I miss them every day. I now have my little bearded dragon Lulu who is somewhat of a diva which makes me love her even more.


I realise how important it is to have someone who is trustworthy looking after your beloved pets. I care deeply about the welfare of animals and I can assure you that I will look after them as if they were my very own.

I have four years experience working and volunteering in the animal care sector; as an animal carer and receptionist in a vet and pet shop and as the managers assistant at a Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service, an amazing and humbling experience where animals owners, due to unforeseen circumstances are unable to look after them are taken in to be cared for. They also take in and rehabilitate injured wildlife that are released back into the wild, the animals that aren’t able to be released due to their injuries live the rest of their lives happily at the centre.

Before my animal care career started I trained as a safari field guide in South Africa, an amazing experience which fed my passion about the animal world to animal behaviour, and ultimately animal care.

I have been pet sitting now for four years and I love every minute of it. I love meeting new clients and getting to know their little ones during the time I look after them. I love finding out their different personalities and it’s a joy for me that I can call this my work. I also spend my time as a nature photographer, being out in nature is something I’m passionate about.


I'm also experienced with reptiles, amphibians, birds, farm animals such as ponies, goats, sheep and pigs, and smaller mammals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters etc so I can feed and change the bedding for them too :)

I Attain:

Full Insurance.

DBS Checked Papers.

Qualifications in Animal Care + Pet Sitting. 

Experience in the Animal Care Sector.

I look forward to meeting you!


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