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Overnight Stay...

If your little one is not yet used to being on their own I will stay overnight with them and make sure they will be getting lots of love and cuddles to help them adjust. If you would like we can arrange to alternate between overnight stays and daily visits to get them accustomed to being on their own for longer periods.  

As with home visits, I will feed and change the litter tray and if you want me to groom your little ones I'm more than happy to do so. I will, of course, play and have a cuddle with them and if you need, I can administer medication. All with daily photos and videos of your little ones to give you peace of mind that they are healthy and happy.

If you need me to water any plants I'm more than happy to do so.


On the last day I will take out any refuse thats been collected during my stay and leave your home looking exactly as found.


Overnight Stay: £50 Per Night.

(Currently unavailable)

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